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Neelima Palla

Senior Java Developer

An experienced Java Developer/Consultant over 12 years of  experience in Software Design & Development using Java, J2EE/JEE6 and web technologies in Banking/Finance/IT Industry. Extensively worked on client/server, web and enterprise distributed applications / Cloud based application.


Skills and Experience

·         Worked on full SDLC with commercial experience of Java 1.8, Spring,springboot, scala, Microservices, RESTwebservice,Azure Cloud,AWS,TDD,Camel,JMS, ActiveMQ, OracleAQ,Gradle/ Maven,Oracle11g and Hibernate4.2.

·       Good experience in building applications in RedHat Open Shift Cloud Solution and microservices architectured applications.

·       Lead / Mentor the team of 4 to 5 members in the large public/financial sector project.

·       Utilized agile methodologies (JIRA, TDD, Jenkins CI,Pair programming), to streamline development process with iterative development.

·       Worked in all phases of Software development such as Requirement Gathering/Understanding/finalization, Preparing Technical Design document, Verification of Design Document with Client, Development, Deployment / Integration with Web/Application Servers and UAT/Production support.

·       Worked for streamlining Build/Continuous Integration process for very high volume project with Jenkins or GIT & writing high quality build files.

·       Involved in Performance/load testing of Application with JMeter and JProfiler.

·       Worked on server side caching framework named EHCache & its integration with spring.

·       Worked on camel with Active MQ and Oracle AQ queues.

·       Provided 3rd line support to Payment processing or ecommerce systems.


Career History



November 2018 – March 2019 | British Gas | Senior Developer

Worked in BTM  Team2(Book Track and Manage) for British Gas. BTM digital application that helps the customer to book appointments,track the progress of the appointments and reschedule or manage appointments. There are different type of services such as First Visit, Annual Service Visit, Repairs and combined appointments. Microservices compontents consumes/process data from/to SAP PI(Process Integration)/WMIS(Work Management Information System).

·         Involved in design and implementing APIs in microservice compontents.

·         Writing unit tests and Integration test.

·         Involved in the CI and CD.

Environment: Java 1.8,spring,springboot,REST,Json,GIT, Microservices, AWS,Kanban,Docker, RabbitMQ,Oracle, sql, Sonar,Junit and Mockit


January 2018 – September 2018 | British Petroleum | Senior Developer

Worked in BP SmartSearch project,as a Senior developer. SmartSearch application helps business users to search millions of documents spread across multiple locations. The Big data is managed using SmartSearch with the integration with VoyagerSearch product as backend search engine.

·         Worked on Voyager product integration with SmartSearch UI.

·         Creating Search engine APIs with Solr,Java and Python.

·         Invloved in design and architecture of the voyager product.

·         Build and deployment of the voyager product on multiple Cloud /Azure servers.

Environment:Java1.8,spring,solr, REST,Json, XML, angular js, python,javascript,GIT,

Kanban, SQLServer ,Azure cloud,solr cloud,zookeepers,AWS,Ansible, Windows and Powershell.



January 2017 – October  2017 | WellsFargo | Senior Java Developer

Worked in  Fixed Income department of WellsFargo American Investment Bank. Global portfolio and risk management System(GPARMS) provides the bond details , bond data and transactions, which allows portfolio managers and traders to assess their investments and make trading decisions. GPARMS interacts with Bloomberg and Barclays point batch system to fetch the bond data.

·         Redesign and implementation of GPARMS.

·         Worked closely with Front office team such as traders and portfolio managers,  to reslove the financial products issues on GPARMS.

·         Involved in build scripts and deployment tasks.

·         Written System tests and Unit testing using selenium and EasyMock respectively.

Environment:Java1.8,Spring,spring Boot, hibernate,REST,BIRT,Gradle,JBoss,Tomcat, JMS,XML, jsp,javascript,GIT, SQLServer ,SQL,PL/SQL,Windows 2008,groovy  and Powershell.


October 2015 – August 2016| Barclays |  Agile Java Developer

Worked on Cheque Image processing project for Barclays bank. The application helps to deposit a cheque through submitting the cheque image with account details and payee details from Barclays Mobile banking App. Industry switch module helps the customer to submit other bank cheques. Barclay’s acts as sponsor bank to number of agency banks to process the cheque as image.

·         Involved in the development of different microservice components using spring MVC, camel, REST.

·         Using lambda,stream,functional interface,concurrent API and scala features.

·         Configuration and deployment of applications on cloud environments.

·         Used Mockito tool, Code coverage and Sonar debts for testing,code analysis.


Environment:Java1.8,SpringBoot,hibernate,REST,Microservices,GIT,Stash,Splunk,Logging,HMTL5,AngularJS,Maven/Gradle,JBoss6.3,JMS,XML,JSON,Jmeter,Oracle11g,Cloud environment tools(OpenShift), Kanban,Camel,oracle AQ and UNIX.


May 2014 – May 2015 | Accenture |Senior Java developer

Worked on Universal Credit project for DWP (Department of work and pensions).Universal Credit application is a new type of financial support for people who are looking for work or on a low income. UC merges together some of the benefits and tax credits and provide as a single payment method for the claimants.

·         Implemented claim processing steps using spring batch.

·         Involved in developing Housing Benefit and Joint claim modules using Java, spring and Hibernate.

·         Configuring Spring Hibernate mapping and writing complex SQL Queries for Universal Credit modules.

·         Lead / mentor and support the team in Universal Credit.

Environment:Java1.7,Spring3.2,SOAP,Springbatch,Hibernate,JMS,selenium, JBoss AS 7, XML, BPM, JSP, JSON, HMTL5,AngularJS, Clearcase, Oracle 11g and UNIX/LINUX.


September 2012 – March 2014 | Credit Suisse | Senior Java developer

Worked for Credit Suisse Investment bank within Credit Risk and Market Risk division. Credit Risk is responsible for all the risk management, calculation, measurement and reporting related systems. Risk Data Store is a central data repository for risk systems.RDS extracts required data from different sources(like Credit Risk systems and Market Risk systems etc),Validates and enriches it and finally stores it to an internal data store.

·         Involved in technical and functional analysis/design, implementation and testing RDS Participant feed processing system.

·         Adding new functionality to RDS participant feed processing.

·         Optimizing and Performance tuning the  low latency RDS application.

·         Documented technical and functional design of RDS participant feed processing architecture.

Environment:Java1.6,Spring3,Hibernate,JMS,Weblogic10g,XML,Junit,CSS,JSP,JavaScript, html,Visio,Excel,Oracle10g/11g/Sybase,Coherence,JProfiler,agile,Scripting,SVN, SAP Business Objects BI tool,UNIX/LINUX.


January 2012 – June 2012 |Trapeze Group Ltd   | Java Developer

Trapeze Group provides IT services to public transportation Industry (PTI). The clients include Transport for London (TFL), Department for Transport, The Train Line, Traveline and many of the UK’s major bus operators.The company also provides Mobile apps for these websites.

·      Worked on PTI modules development, integration, deployment and web support.

·   Involved in design and development of traveline using Java1.6, spring MVC.

·   Developed Organization artifactory repository system with Maven.

·   Working with XML, XML Schema and Java bindings (JAXB).

Environment:Java1.6,Spring3, Solr, Struts,Hibernate,TDD,Maven,Kanban,Hudson,SVN/GIT,Junit, Mockito, XML, XSLT,JAXB, PostgreSQL,agile,Tomcat7 and Linux.


June 2011 – December 2011|Kainos Software Ltd   | Java Developer

Kainos is the leading IT consulting company that provides solutions in the area of Enterprise Content Management, Application Management Services, System Integration and Portals.

Eircom is an enterprise web portal project that provides web services for all 3 mobile brands (Emobile, Eircom and Meteor) .Worked on web, middleware services and REST test harness for registration, login, email, Account Management, Dashboard services and other mobile services.

·      Developed server side components using Java1.6, spring3, REST services.

·      Written automation test script in java, Selenium and Cucumber.

·      Configured maven for application build and deployment.

Environment:Java1.6,Spring3,MVC,RESTservices,Hibernate,TDD,Maven,Hudson,SQLServer,AlterianCMS,JavaScript,JQuery,HTML,Junit,Selenium,Cucumber,Linux,Glassfish, agile,Tomcat 6 and SVN.


February 2011 – May 2011 |Telefónica O2 UK Ltd   | Java Web Developer

Worked for Telefonica O2 UK Ltd, which is a leading telecommunications company for consumers and businesses in the UK.

Online Shop is an ecommerce project, mainly used by consumer to shop online by

selecting their suitable tariff, boltOns and phone device. Involved in development,

integration and testing of Consumer shop, Agent shop and upgrade shops.

·      Developed using spring and front end technologies.

·      Optimized SQL queries and managing database performance.

Environment: Java1.5, Spring3, TDD, Hibernate, Maven, NoSQL (MongoDB), Json, JavaScript, JQuery, Jstl, HTML, Webdriver, Selenium, Cucumber, TestNG, Junit, Linux, Tomcat and SVN.


August 2007 – December 2010 |   E-Clear (UK) PLC    | Senior Java Developer

E-Clear (UK) PLC is a Payment Processing company, which deals with credit card and debit card transactions.

Proteus is company’s Online reporting platform for handling real-time payment transactions. This is a web interface for staffexternal client to access the transaction details for the capture, authorization and settlement data for all the credit and debit card payments.

There are 11 modules in proteus. One of the main modules is Transaction Report, which provide real-time transactions basing on the given data. Interactive Transaction module is used to fully refunding or partial refunding a captured transaction.

·      Involved in full SDLC using Java1.5,spring2.5

·      Worked with both server side and front end components.

·      Used Spring Acegi Security for JAAS.

Environment:  Java1.5,Spring 2.5, struts,Hibernate,Maven, Tomcat5.5,SCRUM,TDD, Jmock, Junit, Ajax, JavaScript, Jstl, HTML,BI tool,JasperReport, agile,Oracle 10g and Linux, SVN.


July 2006 – July 2007   | Wipro Technologies    | Software Engineer

Caisse centrale desjardins is a Canada based bank (Corporate Bank). The banking involves in operating between corporate customer, and the external clients. This project involves in developing an interface to the Core Banking Product. It contains 13 modules of which I have involved in a module called Commerce Electronic. It is an interfacing system between the Core Banking and an external client called AccesD. This module contains the handling of complex banking business operations like funds transfer, wire transfers, multi currency transfers etc.

·      Development of server side components Java, Jsp, EJB.

·      Involved extensive use of XML processing.

Environment:  Windows XP, JDK1.4, JDBC, Weblogic6.1, Oracle8i, CVS.


Education and Certification

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Engineering JNT University, India

Certified in Functional Programming Principles in Scala

Sun Certified Programmer Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0


Key Technical Skills

Primary Skills                         Java 1.7/1.8,JEE5, Spring 4.1,SpringBoot,JMS,REST,

Maven, Gradle, Multithreading, Hibernate4.2, OracleAQ,

Oracle 11g.
Secondary Skills                   PaaS/Cloud,Microservices,Scala, JAXB, JPA, JAAS,  Docker,

LDAP, JSP,JSTL,  Ajax, JavaScript,MongoDB,Camel.
XML/Web Tools                    XML, XSLT, XSD, SAX, DOM,XPath, HTML5,  Apache POI,

CSS, Jstl, JavaScript, AngularJS, JQuery, Json.
Design patterns                    Java pattern, J2EE Design Patterns and Object

Oriented Programming (OOPs).
Application Servers              Tomcat 6/7, BEA WebLogic 10/11 g, JBOSS6.3,

IDEs                                         Eclipse, Spring STS, NetBeans, JDeveloper, IntelliJ
Operating Systems              MS-DOS, Windows 2007, UNIX, Linux, Sun Solaris.
Database                                Oracle 10g/11g, MySQL5,NoSQL, SQLServer, PL/SQL, Sybase,

PostgreSQL , MS Access.
Tools                                          UML (Rational Rose),  TDD, JUnit, Jenkins,Jira,Cucumber,

Selenium, TestNG, Mockito, PowerMock, JMeter,Code

Coverage,Sonar, Visio, Scripting, SVN, GIT,Stash,Nagios.
Other Languages                  Scala, C, C++.
References:   Available on request.

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